Software Development

I have a degree in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia (2003), and have been writing software nearly my entire life. Recently, I spend most of my time developing for the WordPress platform in PHP and React. I also use Python extensively and R occasionally for research purposes.

University of Toronto Scientific Instrument Collection

The University of Toronto Scientific Instrument Collection is an online museum founded in 2008 by graduate students at the Institute for History and Philosophy of Science. It currently consists of nearly 1000 documented instruments. The current version of the museum software, written by me, consists of a WordPress plugin and theme that allows for easy administration and updating through the WordPress dashboard. Unlike standalone online museum management software, this system allows us to leverage the power of the WordPress platform and software ecosystem, while remaining user-friendly and secure.

I am currently working on the next iteration of the software, which will be fully integrated with the new WordPress Block Editor. This version is intended for general use beyond our museum. It is theme-agnostic and includes several blocks that allow for a tight integration between WordPress posts and the catalogue. It also includes a remote plugin that allows a single site to operate as a central repository from which other sites can embed content through the WordPress REST api.


Bibliom is a Python package that facilitates the parsing and analysis of bibliometrics data, primarily from Web of Science / Web of Knowledge. I wrote it for my own research practices and plan to eventually distribute it for general use.