I am a philosopher of science, social epistemologist, and web developer. My research primarily concerns the production of knowledge as a social product. I teach philosophy and literature for Bard College and the Bard Prison Initiative. I am the web developer for the University of Toronto Scientific Instrument Collection.


My research concentrates primarily on the social epistemology of science. My dissertation, Science-Market Analogies (University of Toronto, 2016), is about comparisons philosophers have made between the marketplace and science, and what we can conclude about scientific knowledge and the operation of science based on those comparisons. I am currently interested in elaborating accounts of the market as an epistemic system, the organization of climate science, and alternative modes of academic publication and collaboration.


I have taught lecture-style and seminar classes in history and philosophy of science, history of economics, economic history, and liberal arts.

Software Development

I have a degree in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia (2003), and have been writing software nearly my entire life. Recently, I spend most of my time developing for the WordPress platform in PHP and React. I also use Python extensively and R occasionally for research purposes.