I am a philosopher of science, social epistemologist, and web developer. My research primarily concerns the production of knowledge as a social product. I am lead developer for Humanities Commons as part of MESH Research at Michigan State University.


My research concentrates primarily on the social epistemology of science. My dissertation, Science-Market Analogies (University of Toronto, 2016), is about comparisons philosophers have made between the marketplace and science, and what we can conclude about scientific knowledge and the operation of science based on those comparisons.

Currently, I am most interested in academic publishing and communication practices.

Software Development

I have extensive experience developing for the WordPress platform. As lead developer for Humanities Commons, I help to maintain and develop a WordPress site with nearly 30,000 users. Before joining the Commons I developed WP Museum, a plugin for managing an online museum in WordPress, which is used by the University of Toronto Scientific Instruments Collection. I continue to work on this project in my spare time.


I have taught lecture-style and seminar classes in history and philosophy of science, history of economics, economic history, and liberal arts. Most recently, I taught for Bard College and the Bard Prison Initiative. Before that, I taught at the American University of Central Asia, in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan.